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How to Find a Safe Provider

This is a fairly well-written post found on the subreddit r/SexWorkers


• Suggested popular websites: Tryst, Eros, Private Delights, Slixa, Preferred411 (must be a paid and verified member to access)

• Some areas may have location specific review boards or websites that are only popular in a certain state or country. Use Google to find sites only popular in your area.

• Do NOT initially look for providers on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Onlyfans, Kik, Whisper, Reddit, etc. These are not websites used for such a thing and are hot beds for scams.


• Yes, you will have to take some time to do some research and not go in blindly - no research is the best way to get in bad situations. Research honestly takes maybe 20 minutes.

• Types of ads to stay away from (or proceed with caution if you decide to contact them):

  • extremely explicit ads

  • ads with vulgar/xxx photos

  • brand new ads that were recently created within the last week

• Do look for providers that:

  • Have ad posting history on multiple websites, and have ads that are at the very least a few weeks old. The longer the ad posting history, the better. Consistent ad posting frequency is a great indicator of a real provider.

  • Have an active social media presence (Twitter is most common, followed by Instagram and Onlyfans).

  • Have a personal website with their rates and booking process laid out.

  • HAVE A SCREENING PROCESS: It is common practice that escorts screen their clients - it's for their safety which in turn is for client safety. Screening means the escort is safe and they don't just see anyone blindly. Would you expect us to feel safe meeting a total stranger off the internet without even knowing what they look like or their name? Screening does not mean they are scammers or law enforcement, and the truth is that undercover law enforcement do not screen clients. Screening is an obstacle, a hurdle, and vice do not want hurdles when they are making an arrest. They want you to come ASAP and wam bam, thank you mam easy arrest. As well, as long as the provider is established we are not interested in your specific information after we have verified you are safe - no established provider is interested in blackmail or anything like that. We make more money off being a reputable provider with regulars, and if word gets out about a known provider blackmailing it would ruin their business. So if you see someone who screens, you will have to provide your personal information in the form of an ID, work verification, or give references to other escorts you have seen before.


All of these taken together - ad frequency and history, social media, personal website, having a screening process, and reviews (more on this below) - these are like the escort's resume showing we are experienced and real, and these characteristics are how clients "screen" us back.


I will make a special note that yes, not all providers screen for various reasons. If a client wants to see someone who doesn't screen, it doesn't automatically mean they aren't safe. But make sure they at least have ad posting history and frequency and proceed with caution.


Lack of any type of online presence coupled with no screening is a red flag, do not proceed. Not all providers will have or want social media - so again make sure they at least have ad posting history and frequency.

• Additional steps you can take:

  • Google the providers phone number to see all the ad websites they post on.

  • Google their phone number as well to see if they have reviews (note: not all providers want nor allow reviews so don't base your final decision on reviews or lack of reviews. Also, reviews can be fairly easily faked or inaccurate so please do not put your faith in only reviews).

  • Reverse image search the ad pictures to make sure they are unique and not stock photos or ripped off from some Instagram model.



• Pre-book an appointment as far ahead as possible. Some providers do not take same day appointments, and those that do usually require a few hours notice. We have lives and are often not available within the hour for new clients.

• Before contacting a provider, make sure to read their ad and website in its entirety

• Contacting a provider and asking something that is clearly on their ad or website is a great way to be ignored, blocked, or chewed out.

• Do NOT ask about specific services or talk explicitly, you are paying for time - again a great way to spook the provider and be blocked or blacklisted.

• Read their website for their booking and screening instructions, booking an appointment should take less than 10 messages

• If the provider requires screening, do NOT ask if you can bypass screening. Just find someone who doesn't screen or has a lighter screening process.

• If they require a deposit, do not put down more than a 50% deposit. The average deposit is 20-50%, and if they have an online presence it is not a scam. Do not send 100% of the payment before meeting. As long as you have done your research on the provider, deposits are an indicator of a professional provider.

• Do NOT enter your card information into "verification sites". The provider will do the screening directly and you don't have to pay to be verified - this is a scam.

• Do NOT haggle donations - this is super disrespectful. If you can't afford the donation, find someone in your price range. There is an escort pretty much available in any price range.

• Do NOT text "hi" or "are you available" or "hey baby" as your 1st message to them!

• Don't contact multiple escorts at the same time, it's rude and wastes our time.

• Do NOT send dick pics or any explicit pics/videos. To be blunt - we don't care and it's incriminating. Providers may want a selfie as part of screening but literally just send a selfie only!

• Do NOT ask the provider to send "verification" pictures, its considered rude and a major time waster tactic. If you feel the need to ask someone to send verification pictures, then you haven't done enough research or you haven't found an established provider. Extra pictures not in the ads are often found on their social media, personal website, or onlyfans. If they don't have these things, offer to pay for a picture and don't expect it to be sent for free.

• If a provider has their face blurred, please do not ask for a face picture. There are plenty who are "face out" so if you need to see someone's face to book them, choose someone who already shows it.

• Many providers do not accept phone calls from new clients - they probably will state that on their ads if that's their policy but text or email is the recommended contact method

• A sample template for 1st contact:

"Hello, my name is John Smith, age 45. I found your ad on Tryst and would like to set up a date! I was hoping to meet on Tuesday May 7th at 6p for a 2h incall. My schedule is flexible as well. I have attached my screening details to this message (read their website for their requirements), please let me know if you need any further screening. I look forward to meeting you!"

• The more professional and polite you are, the quicker they will respond and set an appointment.

• If for some reason the provider doesn't reply, politely message again in a day or 2 to follow up. If still no reply, move on to the next provider.


• Once your date is set, read their ad or website again to see if they have any etiquette laid out about cleanliness, handling the donation, etc.

• Some providers require you to shower on arrival - please do not argue and just take a quick shower if required.

• Bringing a gift or tip is not required, however it is always appreciated and a great way to gain status as a good regular. Good regulars are usually given priority in the future.

• If you see someone from an agency, then 100% please do bring a tip in that situation!

• PLEASE show up clean and freshly washed

• Show up to the date on time

• Please do not ask the provider personal questions (ex: do you have kids, are you married, in school, etc). If they bring that information up themselves, then fine.

• Just relax, enjoy your time, and have fun!

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