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Are we a good fit?

My clients share one commonality: they are respectful human beings. I see singles and couples of all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. I enjoy spending time with adults of all ages.

My style might be described as present, attentive, sensual, and playful. Our date is unique to us. I take great care to nurture our connection.

You had me at "hello"

Feeling nervous is normal. Feeling uncomfortable is not!  Please read this new client guide prior to reaching out.

Are you concerned about discretion? I understand. Please make a Protonmail account so we can email in the privacy of end-to-end encryption. You can also send an inquiry via Signal, the most secure messaging app.

When you are ready, you can contact me by filling out my booking form, or by sending an email to

  • Keep our correspondence "PG-rated". Use of explicit text, acronyms, or requests for services will result in me being unable to see you. Remember that I receive compensation for my time, not for services.

  • You can anticipate a response from me or my helper, Kaylee, within 36 hours.

  • Check your spam folder for my response! How'd that get there?

Screening is believing

Screening is the way that I look out for my safety. I make sure that you're you. I run a full background check. I read your messages and ask myself, "is this a nice person"?

I will guide you through the screening process step-by-step. It's often quick and easy. Please be prepared to provide your "real world" information, including name, birth date, and address.

My reputation as a provider is hinged on my ability to protect your information. I treat it with the utmost care. I have never had a data leak.

I am happy to welcome you into my private Richmond-based incall space. Let me hang up your jacket as you slip your shoes off. This is a place of comfort.

If you are providing my rate in cash, you'll set it down on a surface at the beginning of our date. E-payments are sent at least two hours prior to our start time.


A bathroom with toiletries and fresh towels is available for your use. I ask that you either shower at the start of our date, or arrive clean and hygienic. You'll wash your hands before we settle in.

Beverages such as water, seltzer, tea, and coffee will be available. If you enjoy alcohol, I typically have a selection of wine, beer, and bourbon to offer.


Free parking is available along the street, or in a discrete and covered parking spot steps away from the entrance.

My incall is a short walking distance away from bars, restaurants, and activities. There's so much to do!



  • A deposit secures our date at my discretion. I'll let you know if I require one from you.

  • Look out for a message on the day before our date! I'll reach out with specifics and reminders.

  • We never engage in unsafe practices. Violation of consent will result in our date ending immediately.

  • Recordings and pictures are not to be taken. Mental snapshots are unlimited.

  • While I am grateful to receive a tip, I never expect one. I am an independent provider.


  • In the event of a no call/no show, 100% of my rate is due.

  • For cancellations made within 24 hours of our date, 25% of my rate is due.  A deposit will be required to secure future bookings.

  • Cancellations made between 24-48 hours prior to our date will not incur a cancellation fee.  Any deposit paid, however, will be retained.  


I cherish opportunity for authentic connection-- the kind that can't be rushed. I offer relaxed date options so we can embrace an organic flow of events.

(Leaving a little room for spontaneity keeps our dates fresh, playful, and stress-free.)

Dine and date

  • We'll spend a couple of hours exploring our company in a private setting before enjoying a meal. We can go out or order in, based on how we feel!

  • I adore food. I'm fortunate to be free from allergies, diets, or dislikes.

  • I don't see clients later than 8pm (unless we're spending the night together). For dinner dates, I suggest meeting at 4pm so we have ample time to savor. 

Day date

  • It's like a 'dine and date', plus an activity! The world is our oyster. What's on your bucket list?

  • Examples of an activity include: hiking, attending a concert, theater, show, museum, botanical garden...

  • I like to rendezvous around 10 or 11am, but that's flexible. Prepare to spend 6-8 hours together, if your schedule allows.


  • I'm happy to get together for dinner before our sleepover, and linger over breakfast the following morning.

  • 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is essential for my well-being. Zzzzz.

24+ hours

  • It's the 'overnight' and 'day date' options, all wrapped up like a yummy little burrito.

  • I'll require some amount of personal time so I can refresh and be at my very best for you.

  • If we've never met before, we'll chat over the phone so we can catch a glimpse of our chemistry.

Mix and Match

  • Let's spend a big hunk of time together, in segments! It's great for work trips, staycations, and introverts.

  • We enjoy a style of relaxed date over a consecutive series of days.

    • Example: Day 1-- dine and date. Day 2-- day date. Day 3-- dine and date.

What a beautiful sunset

Let's build on our connection between dates. I'd be thrilled to stay in touch with you!

I post tidbits on Twitter @hellozarie and Blue Sky Engage with me in the comments if you're feeling playful.

Chat or text with me over the Signal app.

I'm happy to provide a reference for you up to six months after our last date. Just notify me before you drop my name!

I welcome reviews posted to Private Delights. Thank you for taking the time to support me.

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