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New Client Guide

Understand What This Is

When you book time with me, you are investing in a shared experience built on trust and vulnerability.  You are agreeing to compensate me for my time (and never for services).   The way our experience will unfold is never guaranteed prior to our date. 

What kind of person opts for an escapade that isn’t predictable or guaranteed? 
Answer: A person who has embraced the art of risk-aware adventure-seeking.

You are, in essence, taking a leap of faith when you book me.  That being said, risk can be mitigated.  It is your responsibility to advocate for your safety.  And it is your responsibility to live your life to its fullest potential.  No one can do that for you.


Understand What Screening Entails

Screening is intimate.  When you share your sensitive information, you are naked and exposed. You are putting yourself in a vulnerable position.  Do not take it lightly.  You are making a serious decision.

I ask for your real-world information, including your government-issued ID.  I run a full background check.  I see your address, work details, and your criminal history.  I verify that you are the person who you say you are.

I am transparent about this process because safety is nothing to joke about.  If you hand out your sensitive information to a scammer or anyone who wishes to harm you, you are putting your safety, your money, and even your family at risk.

Why I Screen You

When we are alone together, it is my turn to be in a vulnerable position.

My screening methods protect my health and my life.  This is what it takes for me to feel safe with you.

Please know that I will never compromise my safety by waiving or negotiating my screening requirements. Requesting that I do so implies that you do not value my health and my life. 

How to Screen Me: Social Evidence

If you'd like to date me, you must trust me.  How can you develop trust for an internet stranger who uses an alias?  By observing social evidence.

A provider has “social evidence” when they have an established combination of the following (the more the merrier):

  • Ad copies

  • A website

  • Social media

  • Reviews

The word “established” means that these platforms weren’t just built yesterday.  Ad copies have a thoughtfully written introduction and multiple pictures.  The website is functional and complete.  The social media has a variety of posts over a span of time.  Reviews have been written by multiple different clients. 

For your ease, I have included links to my social evidence here:

Ad Copies

Social Media


"X" (formerly Twitter)

Blue Sky

Instagram (content coming soon!)

Private Delights

Yes, that's it!  Other review boards are icky.

Contacting Me

Please demonstrate from the very beginning that you respect my need for safety.  We never discuss anything illegal or incriminating.  Our correspondence is to remain “PG-rated” at all times.  No explicit language, code words/acronyms, or requests for services will be entertained.  

The best way to attract me is to be clear about your intentions to plan a date.  I like knowing your desired style of date and your windows of availability.  I like receiving your screening information.  I like it when you are patient and can plan ahead.

I encourage you to tell me about:


  • Fun facts about yourself

  • Your needs/sensitivities (allergies, aversion to strong scents, can’t stand Trump supporters, etc).

  • Any disability or condition that I can be mindful of (hearing loss, wheel chair access, recent surgery, etc).

  • Environmental preferences (favorite beverage, fragrance, music volume, etc).

  • “PG-rated” questions that you don’t see answered on my website.

Common Misconceptions

It is safer to see a provider who doesn’t screen
Nope!  A provider who doesn’t screen is not prioritizing anyone's safety.
This “provider” might not actually be a provider at all.  They could be a scam artist.  They could be a police officer.  Think about it.

It is better to book a provider with a “menu”.  I need to know I’ll be getting my dollar’s worth.
Not in the United States.  A provider who puts incriminating evidence on their website, ad copies, or social media is asking for trouble.  And that trouble could affect you.

If you ask a cop if they’re a law enforcement officer, they have to tell you the truth.
Nooooo, silly guy!  Police officers lie ALL of the TIME it’s part of their job.  Let those people do their jobs.  We’ll be over here, doing our job: exchanging time for money and never using explicit language, code words/acronyms, or requesting services.  

But code words protect us!  Roses.  Donations.  Dreams.  BBDAYCIMQZ.
Oh, buddy.  No.  Please just talk to me like a normal person doing a normal thing.  I accept rates and tips, not donations.  If you wish to bring me flowers, that’s quite lovely thank you. My favorite color of rose is yellow.   

Deposits are SCAMS
Deposits are commonly required by many luxury businesses.  Providers are no different!  The downside is that scammers also request “deposits”.  Sometimes a client can mistake a scammer for a provider, and consequently draw the conclusion that providers = scammers.  This is unfortunate.  Please, please do your research.  Look for that social evidence.  Protect yourself.

I do not always require a deposit to book with me.  But sometimes I do!  It depends on the circumstances.

Common Questions

Q: "Do you delete my screening information once I am verified?"

A:  No, I do not. I retain this information in case a client ever severely harms me.  This information is stored in an encrypted and protected database.


Q: "What's up with your assistant, Kaylee?  She sees my info too, right?"

A: Yes, she does.  I have known Kaylee for many years.  She is a real-world friend to me.  I trust her with my life. 


Q: "What do you do if someone requests my information?"

A: I will only share details about you with other established, verifiable providers. It is SO important that you respect my policies when listing my name as a reference. If anyone other than an established, verifiable provider requests your details, I will not even confirm your status as a client.

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